Voltivo 3mm Excelfil Candy Yellow ABS Filament

Estimated Print Time: 35 Minutes | Estimated Filament Usage: 2 meters
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Voltivo Excelfil Candy Yellow 3mm ABS 3D Printing Filament

Quick review of Voltivo's Excelfil 3mm Candy Yellow ABS filament

I spent some time tonight with Voltivo's Excelfil 3mm Candy Yellow ABS and the word amazing does not begin to describe it. I printed out two of these faceted vases in about an hour total. Each vase cosisted of a three-layer base and a two-wall verticle shell. I was expecting the Excelfil Candy Yellow ABS to perform well, but I can honestly say that this filament prints better than anything I have tried before. It measures a consistant 3.01mm and fits in my Lulzbot Taz 3 snugly. Not a single pop from air or moisture was heard during the print, nore were any sizzling sounds detected at any time during printing. (Something I recently heard from cheap chinese filament. It's very apparent that Voltivo knows what they are doing and I can not wait to try out their other Excelfil colors over the next few months.  

Voltivo Excelfil Candy Yellow 3mm ABS 3D Printing Filament

Voltivo Excelfil Candy Yellow ABS 3D Printing FIlament

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