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MPIDE: One IDE to rull them all. (For Arduino and its varients anyway)

MPIDE: One IDE to Rule Them All


If you read this site you are more than likely familiar with Arduino and the Arduino IDE. If not let me briefly bring you up to speed. 

The Arduino IDE is a cross-platform application written in Java, and is derived from the IDE for the Processing programming language and the Wiring project. It is designed to introduce programming to artists and other newcomers unfamiliar with software development. It includes a code editor with features such as syntax highlighting, brace matching, and automatic indentation, and is also capable of compiling and uploading programs to the board with a single click. There is typically no need to edit makefiles or run programs on the command line... Keep reading after the jump. [node:read-more:link]

PIC32 Based Arduino Compatible Dev Board Released by Digilent Inc and Microchip.

chipKIT Max32™ Arduino-Compatible Prototyping PlatformPIC32 based Arduino Compatible Dev Board


Earlier this week we were contacted by Microchip PR asking if we would like to check out a new Arduino compatible board based around the PIC32. We of course replied with a yes. We should have our sample here in the lab within a week. Microchip teamed up with Digilent Inc. to design and distribute the board, and today Digilent Inc released the chipKIT Max32™ Arduino-Compatible Prototyping Platform. Keep reading after the jump for a quick overview and a photo. [node:read-more:link]


Review: Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon Graphic LCD

Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon reviewMatrix  Orbital GX Typhoon Graphic LCD


Matrix Orbital has been building LCD displays since 1995. Unknown for years in computer enthusiast circles, Matrix Orbital exploded into the community with their MX series of displays. The GX Typhoon series soon followed and became one of the defacto small LCD displays PC enthusiast thought of when planning a case mod or scratch build. I recently had the chance to take a few weeks and play around with their latest offering. [node:read-more:link]

Analog to Digital Conversion on Atmega 8, 168, and 328 MCUs part 2. Interrupts.

Analog to Digital Converter on AVR ATMEGA 8 168A 328. ADCADC on Atmega 168A Part 2


Part 2 of Protostack's AVR Analog to Digital Converter tutorial series covers using a second analog input and adding an interrupt with interrupt. We actually were looking for a tutorial on this exact thing a few months back to use with our Liquiduino PC Water Cooling Info Center. Thanks to Protostack, we can now start work back on the project. Head over to their site and check out part 2 of the ADC tutorial which makes use of the new version of the Atmega 168, the 168A. While you are there check out their USBASP programmer, and pick up some of their awesome proto boards. Check out the schematic after the jump. [node:read-more:link]


PC Hardware Review: Thermaltake Blac X 5G USB 3.0 HDD Docking Station.

Thermaltake Blac X 5G USB 3.0 HDD Docking Station


How many of you have a spare HDD laying around because all of the SATA ports on your motherboard are full? I am betting that the majority of you raised your hand. There are many solutions that would allow you to put that HDD to use, and today we are going to take a look at one solution that is blazingly fast...More after the jump. [node:read-more:link]

Analog to Digital Conversion on Atmega 8, 168 and 328 MCUs. Part 1

ADC on an ATMEGA 168 Tutorial on Protostack.com


Earlier this year Protostack posted a turorial on Analog to Digital Conversion on an Atmega 168. This tutorial covers everyting from the low pass filter on the AVCC lines to the registers you will need to tweak on the AVR itself. We are sure that this will come in handy in our future projects as well as yours. Head over to the Protostack site and check out the full tutorial, and while you are there pick up one of the new Atmega 168 Development Kits or their Exprimenters Kit! Check out the schematic after the jump. [node:read-more:link]

DIY Adjustable Benchtop Power Supply from a common PC Power Supply? Will Lyon has got you covered.

DIY Benchtop PSU / DIM from PC PSU


A friend of mine Will Lyon ( AKA SXRguyinMA ) has just completed his latest project which he dubbed Powerhouse. Having fallen in love with custom electronics and actually deciding to go back to college and get a degree in the feild, Will realized he would need a benchtop PSU so he could test his work. Being an accomplished PC modder and Dedicated DIYer, he decided to build his own based on an every day common PC PSU. After some planning Will decided to incorporate a Digital Multimeter, Adjustable 1.3v-30v adjustable source, and dedicated 3.3v, 5v, and 12v rails. If that was not enough, he decided to incorporate some LEDs to give it that PC Case Modder feel! We tip our hat to Will on this one. It's truly a functional work of art! Check out Proect Power House's full build log over on TheBestCaseScenario.com. We have a few photos after the jump for those of you who want instant gratification. [node:read-more:link]

LED Lit Yoda Pumpkin!

Master Yoda Pumpkin

LED Lit Yoda Pumpkin!


We held our second anual Pumpkin Carving Contest over on TheBestCaseScenario this week. I had planned on entering a Darth Vader Bust with the Death Star in the Background (all on one pumpkin) but ruined it on Vader's mask. After 2 hours invested in it, I did not feel like starting over. My plans this year were to do all of the major players in the original Star Wars trilogy. With the vader pumpkin failing I decided to wait until next year for the set. I had carved Yoda before I started on the Vader pumpkin and with the deadline being today, I had no choice but to enter it into the contest. More after the jump... [node:read-more:link]

LaunchPad: Q&A session with MSP430 product marketing manager, Adrian Fernandez.


Texas Instruments LaunchPad
LaunchPad Q and A
Following up on our post about Texas Instrument’s new development platform LaunchPad, we sent some questions to TI Media Relations about some concerns members of the community have expressed.  MSP430 product marketing manager, Adrian Fernandez was kind enough to answer the questions for us. So without further delay let’s get on to the answers.

Texas Instruments rockets into the hobbiest community with LaunchPad.

Texas Instruments LaunchPad

TI LaunchPad


Last week Texas Instruments debuted its hobbiest level Micro Conroller dev board named LaunchPad. Hack A Day posted a very thurough introduction but we wanted a little more information. Texas Instruments is selling the full kit including 2 micro controllers for just $4.30 and is shipping them for free. So what exactaly is Launchpad and what can it do? We cover that after the jump. [node:read-more:link]