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Lulzbot Launches TAZ 2, the next-generation of 3D Printing

Lulzbot Taz 2

Raising the Bar: Introducing the LulzBot TAZ 2 

LOVELAND, Colo. (Oct. 8, 2013) — On the heels of a highly successful launch of the LulzBot™ TAZ 1 earlier this year, Aleph Objects, Inc. announces the release of its fifth generation TAZ 3D desktop  printer. After already raising $228,840 on the Fundable platform, the TAZ 2 continues to gain  unprecedented traction through www.fundable.com/lulzbot-taz. New to the TAZ 2, the printer features an LCD display with an SD card reader that allows users to make prints without being attached to a computer. With the largest build volume of any printer in its class--approximately 12" X 11" X 10"—users can enjoy a new level of freedom with the same fine resolution prints and the ability to swap out or modify nozzles.

Review: I review Google's Chromecast for TweakTown.com

Google Chromecast Review



As some of you already know, I write for TweakTown.com as my full time day job, and from time to time, I post an interesting review or article that I will share here as well. This week I took some time to play with Google's latest gadget, the Chromecast a HDMI dongle that makes streaming YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies, and even Chrome Browser Tabs quick and easy.  Priced at just $35, the Chromecast sold out in stores and online within 48 hours of its launch. Google said that those who ordered within the first 24 hours would receive three free months of Netflix with their purchase. [node:read-more:link]

Arduino launches new Arduino Yun, a Arduino Leonardo-style development board with built in Wifi and Linux

Arduino Yun



Arduino PR -  Arduino Yún is the first member of a new groundbreaking line of wifi products combining the power Linux with ease of use of Arduino. Yún means “cloud” in chinese language as the purpose of this board is to make it simple to connect to complex web services directly from Arduino. The first Arduino Yún is the combination of a classic Arduino Leonardo (based on the Atmega32U4 processor) with a Wifi system-on-a-chip running Linino (a MIPS GNU/Linux based on OpenWRT). [node:read-more:link]

Steel Series releases new H5v3 and H3v2 Gaming Headsets.

Steel Series Headset




CHICAGO – Sept. 6, 2013 – Today, SteelSeries, the leading global innovator of gaming peripherals and leading sponsor of global eSports, announced the availability of the 5Hv3 and 3Hv2 Gaming Headsets. Delivering tournament-grade audio, the new headsets feature custom-engineered soundscapes and the newest generation of SteelSeries audio drivers designed specifically to enhance audio performance and sound details. The H-Series can be recognized by its industrial design, solidly constructed for best-in-class durability. [node:read-more:link]

Pirate3D launches Kickstarter Campaign for their Buccaneer 3D Printer, hits $100,000 goal in under 10 minutes

This morning Pirate3D launched their long anticipated Kickstarter campaign for their 3D Printer dubbed the Buccaneer. Touted as "The 3D Printer that Everyone can use!" the Buccaneer takes 3D printers to a level of elegance and refined design that is rivaled by none. Based on the additiave deposition process like our Lulzbot, the Buccaneer prints using 1.75mm PLA filament.  [node:read-more:link]


Review: ModRight Xtreme and Main Board Anti-Static ModMats

ModRight ModMat Mainboard Review

A good Anti-Static work surface is paramount for anyone who is serious about custom PC building or Making DIY Electronics. This week we got to spend some time with ModRight's latest offering in their ModMat line of Anti-Static work surfaces. After the jump we take an in depth look at both of the colorful and informational new ModMats that have just been released.  [node:read-more:link]


Review: Alien Vibes W402 2.1 channel desktop sound system.

AlienVibes W402 PC Sound System ReviewPC hardware enthusiast are a picky bunch. We prefer the best of the best when it comes to setting up our battle stations and this applies to everything from the CPU we run in our PC, and all the way down to the thumb screws we use to hold our cases together. The hardware we use to listen to our music is no exception either, and unfortunately a good sound system can cost as much as a high end GPU these days. Fortunately the crew over at Ineo saw the need for reasonably priced high end PC audio systems and created the AlienVibes line of PC sound accessories. 


Lulzbot Opens Forum For Its 3D Printer Owners

Lulzbot AO-100

It's no secret that I love my Lulzbot AO-100 3D printer. Over the last few months I have printed about 10lbs of filament through the machine and have only ran into a few small problems, which were remeided by a quick email or phone call to Lulzbot, or by emailing other lulzbot owners I met on Reddit. Today Lulzbot has just added a forum for owners of their 3D Printers which will make trouble shooting even easier as this will provide a sort of archive for information on upgrades, repairs, and tweaks that the community has generated. We have already joined and began posting photos to the site! Head over to http://forum.lulzbot.com and sign up for free!  [node:read-more:link]


4X AA Battery Case for Photographers

3D Printed AA Battery Case for Photographers

Being an avid photographer, I have always found it difficult keeping the batteries for my shoe mount flash organized. I have bought many different cases over the years that all claimed to solve the issue of keeping dead batteries seperate from charged batteries. Infortunately these cases usually broke after a few momnths of use, or they didn't really do a good enough job for me. Being the resourceful maker I am, I decided to hit up Thingiverse and see if anyone had created a battery case that would hold 4 AA Rechargeable batteries. I was in luck and found this Customizable Battery Case. I modified it using the Makerbot Customizer and placed a recessed lable on the top and bottom that says "Charged" and "Dead" respectively. Print time is about 120 minutes for 2 sets.  [node:read-more:link]

Raijintek is coming... Are you ready for it?

Raijintek is coming....Are you ready?

A new player in the custom PC game will be making its debut in the coming weeks. Raijintek is the maker of a completly new line of high-end power supplies, high-end cooling products, and high-end chassis, and after talking with their marketing director, I am excited about things to come. While he would not reveal any tidbits about what is to come, we do know that they are designed in Germany and made in Taiwan, which will be a nice change from the made in China stuff we see every day. [node:read-more:link]