About TheMakersWorkbench.com

TheMakersWorkbench.com was founded in 2009 by Charles Gantt to provide a place for him to update his progress in building a RepRap as well as somewhere to showcase his foray into the Case Modding world.  Around this time Charles became the Editor in Chief of a popular Case Modding website and began writing PC Hardware reviews.  During the end of 2009 Charles began working with Arduinos and soon began writing tutorials that involved the use of Arduino in the PC Modding world. Shortly thereafter Charles was contacted by Seeed Studio to evaluate a few of their Arduino compatible boards and thus sparked the fire that became his passion.

Today Charles evaluates products for a variety of manufacturers including Microchip Technologies,Texas Instruments,  Digilent Inc, Roland DGA, Newark.com, and many small hobby board manufacturers like PCBoard.ca, Protostack.com and Nicholas C Lewis. TheMakersWorkbench.com is thoroughly devoted to bringing its readers the highest quality reviews of today’s leading enthusiast and professional grade hardware in addition to publishing world class tutorials and project work logs.  

TheMakersWorkbench.com is a major supporter of the Open Source Hardware and Software movements and likes to consider ourselves one of the original proponents to what has been dubbed as “The Maker Movement”. We support all FOSS initiatives as well as all endeavors into open source hardware. However this does not mean that we do not support closed source software and hardware. We truly love all things related to Electronic Engineering.

We thank you for visiting our site and we appreciate you helping further our goal to becoming the webs number 1 source for DIY Electronics Reviews.