A Huge Thanks To Voltivo And Cubicity!

Voltivo and Cubicity sponsor TheMakersWorkbench Into 2015!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the good folks over at Voltivo and Cubicity for continuing to support our not only our website, but our 3D printing endeavors into 2015. We have long touted Voltivo's Excelfil as the best 3D printing filament we have ever used, and we still stand firm on that statement. In the past 4 months, I have been sampling and purchasing many of the low to medium priced PLA brands on the market as well as a few of the higher priced spools from well-known brands. I will admit that cheap Chinese filament quality has improved leaps and bounds over what it was even a year ago, but nothing I have used prints consistently, and retains its color like Excelfil.

Voltivo and Cubicity Sponsor TheMakersWorkbench.com

Since my TweakTown article praising Excelfil was released, I have received many comments, tweets, emails, and messages on Facebook about where North American 3D printing enthusiast can purchase this wonderful filament. Unfortunately I have always had to point them to a German website, but today I can proudly direct all my North American friends to Cubicity.com. Cubicity is now carrying Voltivo’s full line of PLA and ABS filaments as well as the company’s 3D Printing accessories. Additionally they are the only US distributors that I know of who carry the Eurocel 50mm blue masking tape. This tape is held by many to be the epitome blue tape printing surfaces.

Voltivo and Cubicity sponsor TheMakersWorkbench.com with Excelfil 3D Printing Filament!

I cannot thank Voltivo and Cubicity enough for their generous sponsorship, and their continued support into 2015, and I look forward to helping both companies educate the world on why Excelfil is the best 3D printing filament that money can buy. Head over to the links below and like and follow Voltivo and Cubicity! 


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