PAPAGO! Unveils its first Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

We adore our cars and we love that the technology they come equipped with are put there to ensure our safety and that our car operates at an optimal level. Everyone knows that when our car is running at its’ peak performance we save. We save gas as well as our personal selves from possible harm, and we save on surance. Yet we still see tire blowouts on the side of the road almost every day. Why? If our cars come fully loaded with warning systems, like Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) that prevent our tires from coming to dangerously low levels before we add air and prevent those scary blowouts, then please explain why that light goes on right before or after that blowout occurs. Are the concepts there but the failure to launch at the necessary moment inhibiting our safety when it comes to tire pressure? 
Before 2008 all cars had to manually get checked for correct tire pressure. I remember my Grandfather and Uncle having those tire pressure monitors lying around their workshop or in their toolbox. I played with them all the time and I even knew that they had something to do with the tires. Since then I have never used one again.
Oftentimes we overlook the need to check our tire pressure especially when our cars have internal sensors that gauge that stuff for us. We all know we are supposed to, but we don’t. We want everything in our lives to be easier and we definitely DO NOT want any car problems, but we are usually too busy to actually do something about it until it’s too late. Over 25% of cars on the road are driving with tires that are underinflated. 
Please refer here: SaferCar.gov.
With the PAPAGO! GoSafe TPMS 500BT you now have the power to check your tire pressure as much as you would like, or every two weeks like you are supposed to. Easy to install, this device will ensure that you are driving your car with optimal tire pressure and keeping you safer on the road. Simply take out your smart mobile device open the APP, GoSafe TPMS, that comes with the device and inspect the accurate status of your tire pressure. The package comes with four A-Type sensors, a receiver, anti-theft wrench, anti-theft nuts, cigarette lighter power plug, Velcro, 3V lithium batteries, and user manual.
Once the sensors and receiver are installed and the APP is downloaded for your Android or IOS device, you will automatically get alerted, via Bluetooth Technology, on your smart mobile device when your tire reaches the level of PSI that you set in the APP (we recommend that you get specific tire pressure values for the tires on your car). The High Precision Electronic pressure detection is much more accurate than your car’s TPMS or traditional tire gauge tools, with a degree pressure of ±1 PSI. The GoSafe TPMS APP will warn you when your batteries are low or when one of the sensors is not detected. The sensors come complete with anti-theft designed nuts that prevent them from getting stolen and to make certain they stay put when driving on rough roads.
PAPAGO! has decided that keeping people safe on the road is the main purpose that many of their products should and do possess. Researching and designing technological devices that support this goal is something they do well. With their newest product, the GoSafe TPMS 500BT, to hit the North American market, PAPAGO! is sure to become a household name. When drivers everywhere think of what device they need in their car to remain safer and better equipped while driving on those treacherous roads and freeways PAPAGO! is sure to come to mind.

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