Pirate3D launches Kickstarter Campaign for their Buccaneer 3D Printer, hits $100,000 goal in under 10 minutes

This morning Pirate3D launched their long anticipated Kickstarter campaign for their 3D Printer dubbed the Buccaneer. Touted as "The 3D Printer that Everyone can use!" the Buccaneer takes 3D printers to a level of elegance and refined design that is rivaled by none. Based on the additiave deposition process like our Lulzbot, the Buccaneer prints using 1.75mm PLA filament. 

The Buccanner features a build volume of 15cm x 10cm x 12cm, has built in WiFi priting capabilities, can print from a mobile phone, and even features it's own Raspberry Pi. Layer resolution is set at 100 microns, and squirts plastic through a 0.4mm nozzle. The chassis is made from brushed aluminum, with the body being steel. 


Pirate3D says "Current 3D printers have a very unfinished feel to them. By improving the aesthetics of a 3D printer as well as making the device more user friendly, we felt this could bridge the gap to mass adoption of 3D printing. Along with that, we want to also keep final price affordable so it would make economical sense to purchase a Buccaneer." and that "The Buccaneer is built to be as easily set up as possible. You do not need to mess around with raw spools of plastic lying around on your table because it is now integrated into the machine via cartridges. There are no unnecessary wires or parts that get in the way and every Buccaneer is fully set up and ready to go in minutes."

As I mentioned earlier the Buccaneer is capable of WiFi connectivity, and can print from the cloud. Pirate3D is building their own store, named Treasure Island, to offer "Smart Objects" (which are easily customizable 3D designs) that can be downloaded and printed from the click of a button from within the store. This means that users can begin prints from their smart phone or tablet and it completely removes the need to download, and slice 3D files the way we do on traditional 3D printers. 

The Buccaneer Kickstarter launched with a amazing deal of just $297, but was limited to just 360 initial backers. Those sold out within 10 minutes of the campaign going live. The printer will now cost you $100 more at a price of $397, which is still an amazing deal in our opinion. Head over to their campaign and check it out!  We will be getting a Buccaneer sometime around launch and will be providing a full review so stay tuned! 




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