Review: I review Google's Chromecast for TweakTown.com

Google Chromecast Review

As some of you already know, I write for TweakTown.com as my full time day job, and from time to time, I post an interesting review or article that I will share here as well. This week I took some time to play with Google's latest gadget, the Chromecast a HDMI dongle that makes streaming YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies, and even Chrome Browser Tabs quick and easy. . Priced at just $35, the Chromecast sold out in stores and online within 48 hours of its launch. Google said that those who ordered within the first 24 hours would receive three free months of Netflix with their purchase. If you factor in that three months of Netflix cost around $24, this meant that the Chromecast hardware only cost about $11 in theory. As of this review, the Chromecast is back in stock online and in stores, and Google has reinstated the three free months of Netflix deal. 

Google Chromecast Review

Overall I feel that the Chromecast is a very well built product. When you combine its ease of use with its low $35 price tag, you will be hard pressed to find a better value being offered on the market at this time. I like the Chromecast so much that I have purchased an additional three units that will allow me to cast to the second TV in my home, as well as one to leave at my girlfriend's house. The third will be relegated to travel duties. Google hit a homerun with the Chromecast, and if their past hardware update cycle is any indication, Chromecast 2.0 should arrive next summer and be leaps and bounds better than the first revision that is already quite good. To read my full review, head over to TweakTown.com to see what I truly thought of Google's little HDMI streaming dongle. 

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