The Workbench: Building a Benchtop Power Supply

We would like to introduce our readers to The Workbench, a new web series that is designed to showcase DIY projects, EE tools and hardware, and general Maker - DIY projects in general. The series is being produced, and hosted by our own Charles Gantt, and will start off as a twice per month video series, with releases increasing as we gain more funding through our patrons at Patreon, and other sponsors.

This weeks episode follows Charles along as he builds a DIY benchtop power supply from a kit produced by Sparkfun, and a 650W PC PSU from BeQuiet. Remember to head over to YouTube and subscribe to our channel and well as giving the video a thumbs up. Please feel free to share the video on your social media and with anyone you think might be interested. The more viewers we get, the easier it will be to begin a weekly release schedule. 


Show Notes: 

The Workbench: Episode 1 - Building a Benchtop Power Supply

Welcome to The Workbench, a DIY Electronics  / Maker show that is dedicated to bringing you exciting new tutorials, projects, and content. 

In this episode we will be building a benchtop power supply that is capable of handling up to 650w of juice to power all of the projects that might come across out workbench.

A huge shoutout to http://www.bequiet.com for sponsoring this project with an awesome high-quality PC Power supply.

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