Ever thought of hacking your breadboard? Protostack has!

Protostack.com tutorial on Breadboard Hacks

Breadboard hacks from Protostack.com


As memebers of the new DIY generation we love hacking things. There is just something rewarding about taking a cheap product and making it work just as good or better than its expensive counterpart. Most of the time these hacks involve the projects we are building, but sometimes they involve the tools we use. Protostack has just released a list of several hacks that will make using your breadboard much more user friendly... More after the jump.

Protostack's tutorial on BreadBoard Hacks SD Card

Simple SD card reader for breadboarding.

Protostack has posted a small tutorial that outlines several quick and easy breadboard hacks that is sure to make protototyping your next project much more easy. We especially like the SD card Reader hack and the Swiss Machine Pin test  points and will be using them on our breadboards from here on out.

Protostack's tutorial on Breadboard Hacks. Swiss Machine Pins for Test Points

Use Swiss machine Pins for quick test points.


While you are at Protostack take a moment and check out their new ATMEGA 328 Development kit. We have one on the way and you can expect a full review and a turorial on building and using it. We may even include one on burning the Arduino bootloader to it. If there are any other tutorials you would like to see that is based on one of Protostack's products just let us know and we will do our best to get them wrote up for you.



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