Now Sort DigiKey Items by Price!

Digi-Key sort by price.Digi-Key Sort By Price


Every budget conscious maker out there who uses Digi-Key has wished for a sort by price option. No one really knows why Digi-Key does not include this option, although some speculate that it involves deals between component manufacturers and Digi-Key. That has changed for Firefox and Chrome users thanks to the work of a maker named Alex Leone. He has created a Greasemonkey script that downloads the Digi-Key results and sorts them by price... more after the jump

To get started sorting by price you must be using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. We will cover the Firefox install here.

And that's it. Now you can visit digi key and go through the normal sorting menus to narrow your search. When you are finished and go to view the page(s) with your results, the java script will fetch and sort the items by price and will only include in stock items.  This script will save all of us in the maker community who use Digi-Key a ton of time thus allowing us more time to make!

Now that you have Greasemonkey installed check out more useful scripts at Userscripts.org

Digi-Key Sort by price

 Greasemonkey will use the javascript to fetch the results and sort them by price.


Digi-Key sort by price.

When finished fetching your results will display.


Digi-Key sort by price.

The results will be sorted by price.


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