We would like to welcome Protostack as one of our site sponsors!

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Not long ago we blogged about Protostack releasing Version 1.4 of their Atmega 8 dev board. Well today I would like to announce protostack as one of our new site sponsors. Protostack offers a nice selection of electronic gear including innovative stackable prototyping boards. They have sent us a nice care package for us to play with including an Atmega 8 dev board kit complete with a USBASP programmer. We will have full write ups and tutorials on the kits as well as a special article on their stackable protoboards in the comming weeks. We are also working on creating a tutorial series on using the USBASP programmer to program your Atmega Micro Controllers.  So head over to Protostack's website and check out what they have to offer and when you are done check out the other cool features they offer on the site such as: Tutorials, Discussion forum, and even a place to showcase your project's photos. We have some photos of the gear they sent us after the jump...


Protostack Products.

Protostack sent us a nice care package including 4 full sized dev boards, 2 half sized dev boards, an Atmega 8 dev board kit, Atmega  Dev board blank PCB, Arduino Stacking headers, 2 5v PSU kits, 3 10 Pin connectors, 4 terminal blocks, 2 JST2 connector kits, USBASP programmer, 1 Atmega 8, 2 Atmega 168, 3 NE555 timers, 1 7segment latch decoder, 1 7 segment display, 3 power connectors, some header pins and some IC sockets.

Protostack packaging

Protostack packaged everything in anti static bags. This is a very nice touch!


Protostack 5v PSU kit

This is the 5v PSU kit protostack offers. Pictured is: L7805 +5V  Voltage Regulator,  5mm Red LED, 1k resistor, 2 50v 100nf caps, 25v 47uF electrolytic cap, and a 25v 100uF electrolytic cap. Not pictured: Standard power jack.


Protostack Atmega 8 dev kit

 The Protostack Atmega 8 dev kit. Included in the kit is: 28 Pin AVR Full Size Development Board, IC Socket 28 pin, ATMEL ATMEGA8-16PU 8 Bit 8K AVR Microcontroller, IDC Male connector, 10k resistor, Micro Tactile momentary SPST switch, 16MHz Crysta,  Resin Dipped Ceramic Axial 100V 22pF cap, Resin Dipped Ceramic 50V 100nF cap, 10uH, Axial leaded inductor.


Protostack Atmega8 Dev kit assembled.

And here is a teaser of the assembled kit.


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