Analog to Digital Conversion on Atmega 8, 168, and 328 MCUs part 2. Interrupts.

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Analog to Digital Converter on AVR ATMEGA 8 168A 328. ADCADC on Atmega 168A Part 2


Part 2 of Protostack's AVR Analog to Digital Converter tutorial series covers using a second analog input and adding an interrupt with interrupt. We actually were looking for a tutorial on this exact thing a few months back to use with our Liquiduino PC Water Cooling Info Center. Thanks to Protostack, we can now start work back on the project. Head over to their site and check out part 2 of the ADC tutorial which makes use of the new version of the Atmega 168, the 168A. While you are there check out their USBASP programmer, and pick up some of their awesome proto boards. Check out the schematic after the jump.


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