Review: ISO-TIP 7710 Soldering Tool Kit

ISO-TIP Model 7710 Soldering Kit
Soldering is most definitely a skill one needs to possess to further their pursuit into the DIY electronics hobby. Have a good soldering station greatly improves one's ability to solder. Unfortunately most decent soldering stations are a pain to move from your bench to access remote projects. Over the years there have been many companies who tried to solve this problem. Some offer portable irons that are fueled by natural gas, others of approach the the issue with battery-powered irons.
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ISO-Tip sends their love in the form of their latest portable soldering iron kit.


Hack A Day posted an article about making sure your data was backed up and used our home / workshop fire as an example on how to do things right. We lost no important code because our data is backed up in the cloud.  After that post we got many emails offering condolences and well wishes on starting over. A few people donated money, some donated tools, and some companies stepped up and offered to send us some amazing hardware. ISO-TIP was the first of those companies to contact us. They emailed us and asked if we could make use of a portable soldering iron. Being Iron-less we replied with a resounding YES!