Explanation Of Our Review Process


TheMakersWorkbench.com reviews are full reviews of the latest version of a particular hardware or software product for the DIY, Enthusiast Electronics and PC Hardware industries. Some of our reviews are "round-ups" — that is, a look at a variety of similar products in one product category to provide the reader with an overview of the relative benefits and drawbacks of those products. All of our reviews are non-biased and most of our conclusions are based on the opinion of the writer's expertise with the exception of metrics that are the result of benchmark test. Unlike other review sites, we publish the good and the bad and offer the manufacturer a chance to post their take on any issues that arise.  We give each review two levels of coverage in the form of a "Mail Bag" post as well as the full review post.

A Mail Bag post is a brief overview of a product and is usually posted within 24 hours of us taking delivery of said product. Mail Bag post usually contains several unboxing photos and a brief description of the product. We link back to the manufacturer’s product page and encourage our readers to post in the comments section, the things they would like us to cover more thoroughly in the full review.

The Full Review post begins as your typical review. We briefly talk about the product, manufacturer’s claims, and what we initially like about the product. We then go more in-depth on the features, and usefulness of the product. We post a full high quality photo gallery of the product and run any benchmarks that are applicable. The review is finished with a conclusion and a rating based on the average of several scores.

Both the Mail Bag and Review post are generally written post but we do have the capability to produce full 1080P high definition videos to accompany the written content. Unlike most review sites, we have a full photo studio set up to capture the highest quality images of the products we are reviewing. We use Canon EOS DSLR gear and high quality 5600k color temperature lighting for the most accurate colors.

We rate a product on several applicable levels. In the event that a level does not pertain to a certain product we drop that category from the list. Each level is awarded a score of 0-100 points based on our opinion of the product. Some of the categories are listed below. This list will be updated from time to time to add or remove any categories as we deem necessary.

  • Build Quality - Points in this category are awarded based on the overall build quality of the product. Points are deducted for subpar craftsman ship, attention to detail, and any other flaw that may cheapen the overall feel or look of the product. We do take into account the price of an item. We do not expect a sub $10 item to be as high quality as a similar product costing ten times as much.
  • Performance - Points in this category are awarded based on benchmark scores derived from running applicable benchmarks. Points are deducted for poor or low scores.
  • Ease of use - Points in this category are awarded based on the overall ease of use for the average consumer. This metric is based purely on the writer’s opinion.
  • Value - Points are awarded in this category based on price verses performance of the product.

We average the above scores to come up with our final rating metric and award the product an award based on the total score. If the vendor feels that this rating is unfair we encourage them to sign up on our site and post a rebuttal or explanation. This post will be uncensored with the exception of foul language being replaced with colorful words. Are awards are listed below.

  • Editors Choice - Product must obtain a score of 96-100 points
  • Must Have - Product must obtain a score of 90-95 points
  • Recommended Product - Product must obtain a score of 80-90 points
  • Acceptable - Product must obtain a score of 70-80 points
  • Bad Form - Product obtains a score of 40-69 points
  • Avoid At All Cost - Product obtains a score of 0-39 points


TheMakersWorkbench Reviews are conducted independently. Product reviews are completed by the site owner and he will not accept compensation or perks from the vendor or any other party having a commercial interest in the product in exchange for a better review. All review items are shipped to TheMakersWorkbench free of charge and in most cases the items are not returned to the vendor. In the event that a review sample needs to be returned, the vendor is responsible for return postage.

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