The Workbench: Building a Benchtop Power Supply

DIY benchtop power supply using a BeQuiet PC PSU.DIY Benchtop Power Supply from PC PSU!

We would like to introduce our readers to The Workbench, a new web series that is designed to showcase DIY projects, EE tools and hardware, and general Maker - DIY projects in general. The series is being produced, and hosted by our own Charles Gantt, and will start off as a twice per month video series, with releases increasing as we gain more funding through our patrons at Patreon, and other sponsors. This weeks episode follows Charles along as he builds a DIY benchtop power supply from a kit produced by Sparkfun, and a 650W PC PSU from BeQuiet. Remember to head over to YouTube and subscribe to our channel and well as giving the video a thumbs up. Please feel free to share the video on your social media and with anyone you think might be interested. The more viewers we get, the easier it will be to begin a weekly release schedule.  [node:read-more:link]

DIY Adjustable Benchtop Power Supply from a common PC Power Supply? Will Lyon has got you covered.

DIY Benchtop PSU / DIM from PC PSU


A friend of mine Will Lyon ( AKA SXRguyinMA ) has just completed his latest project which he dubbed Powerhouse. Having fallen in love with custom electronics and actually deciding to go back to college and get a degree in the feild, Will realized he would need a benchtop PSU so he could test his work. Being an accomplished PC modder and Dedicated DIYer, he decided to build his own based on an every day common PC PSU. After some planning Will decided to incorporate a Digital Multimeter, Adjustable 1.3v-30v adjustable source, and dedicated 3.3v, 5v, and 12v rails. If that was not enough, he decided to incorporate some LEDs to give it that PC Case Modder feel! We tip our hat to Will on this one. It's truly a functional work of art! Check out Proect Power House's full build log over on TheBestCaseScenario.com. We have a few photos after the jump for those of you who want instant gratification. [node:read-more:link]