Brace Yourselves, Processor Independence Is Coming!



Preview of E3 Embedded Systems' PIEP Development System

 About a year ago I was approached by a company called E3 Embedded Systems about consulting on a new development board project they were working on. I met with them at my local Makerspace, theClubhou.se, and we spent the better half of the day talking about their system, its goals, and what could make it better. I stayed in touch with E3 over the next several months, and just a few weeks ago, I received the very first full set of their new Processor Independent Embedded Platform, or PIEP for short. [node:read-more:link]

We don't usually cover kickstarter projects, but when we do it is for something we love!

We get several request a week to asking us to cover various kickstarter projects and we usually just file them in chapter 13 because if we posted every one we received, we would become nothing but a kickstarter aggregator. We made an exception this time because this kickstarter is something we are very close to. SpacePRIDE is a team founded in 2010 to compete in the NASA Centennial Challenge - Sample Return Rover.In the 2012 competition, they built three rovers to compete with in a span of 7 months. They are doing it again this year for the 2013 competition, but this year they are starting from the ground up and building four rovers to compete with and they need your help! Check out their Kickstarter and continue reading after the jump for more information!  [node:read-more:link]