We need your help to finish rebuilding our workshop.

As most of our long time readers know, we lost our home and workshop in a devastating fire in July of 2012. We have since moved in to another home but rebuilding our workshop has been moving at a snail’s pace. I really would love to see the new workshop have an active fab space with a small Laser cutter, small CNC mill and a few 3d printers so we can bring you even more awesome content. At the moment we are saving up to purchase a cheap Rigol Oscilloscope and a new motherboard for our bench dev box. We applied for a kick starter and was turned down as they deemed what we want as charity case and thus violates the TOS of kickstarter. So we looked into other crowd funding resources and nothing seemed to fit what we were asking. So we decided to put up a Chip-in widget. ChipIn does nothing other than provides us with a goal and keeps track of the donors for us. Each donation is made through PayPal and is secure as PayPal can be. 100% of your donation will go towards funding the rebuilding process of our workshop and we are going to create a special donors page that list the names of all who donated. You can make a donation by clicking the ChipIn button on the widget above this post or you can click on the ChipIn widget at the top of the left hand sidebar. All donations are accepted and appreciated. If you are a manufacturer and would like to donate a piece of equipment to us, we would gladly accept it. 


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