INEO USB 3.0 HDD / SSD Docking Station

INEO I-NA320U+ HDD Docking StationLet’s face it most of us are computer geeks who have multiple hard drives just sitting around doing nothing. Some of us use of hard drives backup and some of us have yet to find a use for them because installing them back into our computers takes time. Luckily hard drive docking stations have been around for years. I have had the fortune to review several different brands over the past three years. Today I’m going to take a look at the I-NA321U+, which is by far the most impressive hard drive dock I have reviewed to date. [node:read-more:link]


INEO USB 3.0 HDD / SSD Docking Station + Cloner stops by for a visit!


Our site owner Charles Gantt has worked with INEO in the past reviewing a few of their USB External HDD enclosures, and when they heard that we were getting into the PC hardware review game they jumped at the chance to send us our first review item. The INEO I-NA321U+ USB 3.0 HDD Cloning and Docking Station is a pretty cool product. and we can't wait to run some benchmarks to see how well it performs. What makes the I-NA321U+ unique is its HDD/SSD cloning feature. It can clone Hard Drives and SSDs without the aid of a PC and all it takes is the push of a button.