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Review: Alien Vibes W402 2.1 channel desktop sound system.

AlienVibes W402 PC Sound System ReviewPC hardware enthusiast are a picky bunch. We prefer the best of the best when it comes to setting up our battle stations and this applies to everything from the CPU we run in our PC, and all the way down to the thumb screws we use to hold our cases together. The hardware we use to listen to our music is no exception either, and unfortunately a good sound system can cost as much as a high end GPU these days. Fortunately the crew over at Ineo saw the need for reasonably priced high end PC audio systems and created the AlienVibes line of PC sound accessories. 


Review: Silverstone EC01-P+ & CP09 Internal USB 3.0 Accessories

Silverstone EC01-P+ and CP09 reviewUSB 3.0 has been out for some time now and it seems that motherboard and chassis manufacturers have finally gotten on the same page and standardized an internal USB 3.0 header. Unfortunately for a lot of enthusiast out there, this came a little too late and they had already purchased a high end PC case that came with front USB 3.0 ports that had to be routed out the back of the case and plugged into the motherboards female USB 3.0 jacks. Silverstone recognized this as a major problem and has developed two nice pieces of hardware that frees up our rear USB 3.0 jacks and moves the front port cables back inside where they belong.


INEO USB 3.0 HDD / SSD Docking Station

INEO I-NA320U+ HDD Docking StationLet’s face it most of us are computer geeks who have multiple hard drives just sitting around doing nothing. Some of us use of hard drives backup and some of us have yet to find a use for them because installing them back into our computers takes time. Luckily hard drive docking stations have been around for years. I have had the fortune to review several different brands over the past three years. Today I’m going to take a look at the I-NA321U+, which is by far the most impressive hard drive dock I have reviewed to date. [node:read-more:link]


Review: AZiO KB505U Large Print Keyboard

AZiO Large Print KeyboardFor for PC users worldwide the keyboard is a necessity. Without it we would not be able to quickly input text and commands into our systems. And while all keywords will get the job done, some do it better than others.  Today were going to take a look at AZiO’s  kb505u Large Print Keyboard. [node:read-more:link]


Review: Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon Graphic LCD

Matrix Orbital GX Typhoon reviewMatrix  Orbital GX Typhoon Graphic LCD


Matrix Orbital has been building LCD displays since 1995. Unknown for years in computer enthusiast circles, Matrix Orbital exploded into the community with their MX series of displays. The GX Typhoon series soon followed and became one of the defacto small LCD displays PC enthusiast thought of when planning a case mod or scratch build. I recently had the chance to take a few weeks and play around with their latest offering. [node:read-more:link]


PC Hardware Review: Thermaltake Blac X 5G USB 3.0 HDD Docking Station.

Thermaltake Blac X 5G USB 3.0 HDD Docking Station


How many of you have a spare HDD laying around because all of the SATA ports on your motherboard are full? I am betting that the majority of you raised your hand. There are many solutions that would allow you to put that HDD to use, and today we are going to take a look at one solution that is blazingly fast...More after the jump. [node:read-more:link]