Diavolino is one badass Arduino clone! Cheap too!

Evil Mad Science Diavolino

Evil Mad Science's Diavolino


The Diavolino is a simple Arduino Duemilanove clone developed by Evil Mad Science Labs. Normally we wouldn't cover a basic non USB Arduino clone, but the the Diavolino is just too damn sexy to ignore. The "Little Devil" sports one hell of a solder mask job, featuring a black pcb with red flames consuming the board. This has to be the best looking PCB we have seen to date! To top things off, EMSL is offering the DIY Diavolino kit for under $12 and blank PCBs under $5. This is the perfect board to get your kids started in the maker scene, and offers a perfect opportunity to teach them how to solder! We are going to order a few to add to our collection. Keep reading after the break for the official specs on the Diavolino!